We have five s-train stations, and that makes Egedal Municipality a popular commuter municipality: 76% commute out - 54% commute in.

We are ambitious in the climate field, and we are committed to reducing the CO2 load by a minimum of 2% annually. This means that the development in the municipality goes hand in hand with low-energy construction and a more environmentally friendly energy supply. For the last ten years, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by more than 3% per year. We are proud of this and we will continue with more efficient energy management and new investments in energy saving measures.

Presorting of waste

Also in the waste area, Egedal is at the forefront: In Egedal Municipality, the citizens are some of the best for waste sorting. We can only maintain that position with your help, so we hope you welcome our schemes. In the meantime, we continue to work to create a good framework for Egedal citizens and companies to easily sort their waste for recycling.

Read more about waste and recycling in Egedal Municipality.




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