With a location right by Egedal s-train station, the city will be a good choice for the family who wants to live in the countryside, but in easy proximity to the city. Here, green fields over the next 20-30 years will be transformed into a vibrant city with shops, homes and businesses.

Kort over Egedal By
Map of Egedal By



Dronning Dagmars Vej 200
3650 Ølstykke
E-mail: kommunikation@egekom.dk
Tlf.: 7259 6000

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Christian Frederik Mortensen
E-mail: Christian.Mortensen@egekom.dk

Tlf: 7259 6442

HR- og kommunikationschef
Henrik Skovdal
E-mail: Henrik.Skovdal@egekom.dk
Tlf: 2016 6977